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AkiPolinaHello, welcome to home page of the home kennel Tmavi Knir, which is the oldest zwergschnauzer kennel in Russia and the countries of the former U.S.S.R. The first zwergschnauzer - Aki Klepac was taken by our family from Czechoslovakia in 1978, and her colour was pepper & salt. The first in U.S.S.R black & silver zwergschnauzer puppy by the name Briksy Tmavi Knir was born in our house in 1981, the first black puppy Krosh Tmavi Knir was born here in 1985.

Since 1978 the owners of the kennel are mother-Lubov Popova, who is a vet and judge- and daughter-Irina Poletaeva, who is a FCI judge. The result of our 20 - years zwergschnauzer breeding was an edition in 1999 of the first in Russia book about it, named "Zwergschnauzer".

Tmavi Knir MilliRussia came into FCI in 1996 and the kennel Tmavi Knir was registered in it. We started to show our dogs on FCI shows in 1998. That year the black female Tmavi Knir Volli became the World Winner in Helsinki. Within ten years our 10 dogs became International Champions. All Tmavi Knir's have received over 150 International and National titles.Tmavi Knir Lavina

In 2000 our family with dogs moved to Finland. For this short period 12 times black or b&s dogs of our breeding in Tmavi Knir kennel have been admit as "Best Winning Dogs of the Year of Finland" or "Best Winning Bitch of the Year of Finland". In 2013 our kennel has received Vuolasvirta prize from Finnish Kennel club as a recognition for exceptional breeding work.

Tmavi Knir kennel has been and always will be a home kennel.

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